About us


Our work is complementary to archaeologists’ and historians’ ones. We try to complete it through the reconstruction of artefacts, clothing and objects of Roman Antic Times, which we use and experiment to give a better understanding of their conception, their handling, or their use. We try, as a modest non-profit association, to help getting a better perception of Roman Antic Times, which are the base of our western society.


We also care about the pedagogical diffusion of acquired knowledge through interventions in High-schools, lectures, demonstrations and workshops during historic shows. Our work of research, documentation, reconstruction and experimentation helps us to present different aspects of antic times both from playful and pedagogical aspects, with a great seriousness regarding historic reality.


We are more specifically interested, through the "Cohors Prima Aquitanorum Vet Eq", in a better understanding of the part and the life of Gaul and Aquitaine natives who were fighting as auxiliaries within the roman legions. Our research on military aspects covers also the various people coming from every corner of the Empire to join in the auxiliary troops, such as archers (mainly from eastern countries), sling men (the most famous ones coming from the Baleares), Gaul Velites and Numidian or German horsemen. Obviously, we also work on the famous legionaries, the roman citizens forming the essential base of the imperial army. This work about the roman army applies to the period from the beginning of our era with the conquest of the Gaul by Caesar up to the end of the first century, when the Roman Empire culminates under Emperor Trajan.


The association VIAROMANA applies itself to a better understanding and reconstruction of civil life in Rome and in the Empire, specially about childhood, games and toys, religious life, crafts, garments or cooking. The aim of this work is to make the audience share the feeling of daily life in the roman empire, specially in Gaul.


In our shows, the audience may as well participate in dressing the roman way, in tasting drinks and foods we propose and in acting in the parts we recreate.